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2014 Chester County Historical Society Antiques Show

01 Chester County Antique Show 2014 We look forward to seeing you at the Chester County Historical Society Antique Show. Please visit their website for additional details www.chestercohistorical.org 02 Chester County Antique Show 2014

The “American Studio Glass Movement” – Antique Store in Wayne

antique-store-american-glass The Antique Store in Wayne currently has a dealer who is featuring items made during the American Studio Glass movement. Artists of note include Steve Tobin, John Conrad Lewis, Micheal Pavlik, John Nygren and Richard Ritter. The “American Studio Glass Movement” The history of glass spans three thousand plus years.  It’s great traditions are rooted in ancient Persia, Egypt, Italy, England, France and Czechoslovakia.  The tools used today vary little from those created three millennia ago. In the early 1960’s, if you blew glass in America you most likely worked in a factory creating functional or scientific glassware.  It was the Toledo workshops, organized by Harvey Littleton and Dominic Labino in 1962, that gave birth to studio art glass in the United States. Under the guidance of these two scientists, a small group of pioneers (among them Dale Chihuly, Marvin Lipofsky, Robert Fritz and others) designed and built rudimentary equipment, formulated glass that would melt at temperatures low enough for small studio work, and taught themselves the techniques and skills necessary to begin this artistic legacy. These initial experiments, along with the efforts of hundreds of American glass visionaries who were unwilling to be constrained by the medium’s long traditions, have over the past four decades built the foundation for the masterworks being created today.  The work that was and is inspired by the American Studio Glass Movement is considered, by many, the most technically advanced, most artistically important glass ever created. Many of the artists represented here also have work in the permanent collections of The Corning Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian, The National Gallery and major museums worldwide.